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LED Display (OBD BLUETOOTH) is a universal LED for all cars.

✓ Simple connection + - 

✓ Five colors of lamps.

✓ More than 30 types of logos.

✓ Six types of RPM (engine speed).

✓ Brightness - 30 modes.

✓ DSG shift setting.

✓ 1 year warranty.

Competitive LED installation wiring instructions:

 The steering wheel will have two black and red wires and a Bluetooth module.

 1: Connect the red to the 12V ACC line (find a free needle port in the hairspring, find from the bottom that the voltage of the ACC line is 12V and then connect to the corresponding needle port of the hairspring)

 2: The black wire is grounded on the steering wheel as the negative pole.

 3: After power on, the display will light up, and then plug in our Bluetooth module at the OBD interface of the car, and then automatically Bluetooth and the steering wheel can receive data (the first matching may take a few minutes to match)

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